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    Tech News Weekly (Video HI)

  • VideoTNW 20: People for the Ethical Treatment of HomePods
    1:31 Eric Newcomer from Bloomberg talks about the economics of MoviePass and why the movie theaters hate the service12:54 Mark Bramhill, creator of the Person in Lotus Position emoji talks about cobalt mining, how to create an emoji, and other topics he covers in his popular podcast Welcome to Macintosh.... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 19: Floaters Foil Facebook
    1:38 Dr. Jenny Radesky signed a letter urging Facebook to discontinue its Messenger Kids app and talks about how tech can affect young children.16:59 Nate Lanxon from Bloomberg discusses what happens to Bitcoin when someone passes away, and the changes being made to enable heirs to locate those abandoned funds.33:18... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 18: Our Information Diet
    1:48 Kia Kokalitcheva from Axios discusses the Uber vs. Waymo trade secrets trial and what former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had to say on the stand.13:05 Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from Motherboard talks about the iBoot that was released on Git Hub, Apple's response, and what it means for iPhone security.29:03 John... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 17: Fire Extinguisher Included
    1:52 Kurt Wagner from ReCode explains what Facebook's earnings mean in light of the recent changes to the News Feed. Can users and investors both be happy?13:01 Katyanna Quatch from The Register explains how some users on Reddit are using a tool called FakeApp to photoshop famous people into porn... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 16: Ethics in Yogurt Journalism
    1:34 Megan and Jason share their thoughts after two weeks on the iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL as part of the TWiT Switch.12:08 CNET's Shara Tibken shares the details of the upcoming launch of the Apple Homepod, and has thoughts on its competitiveness in the home automation space.25:14 Ars... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 15: The Bachelor: Amazon
    1:54 Alex Kantrowitz from Buzzfeed talks about how the Facebook news feed is changing and how that will affect media companies and non-profits.12:41 Natalie Van Kleef Conley from Google explains how Google's new IT Support Certificate works.25:29 Nick Wingfield from The New York Times discusses Amazon's announcement of its finalists... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 14: Nits Nits Nits
    1:31 Ed Bott from ZDNet says not to panic about Spectre and Meltdown, and details why Microsoft had to retract its update amid failing AMD hardware.16:00 Patrick Norton from AVexcel joins from the Consumer Electronics Show floor to discuss the latest Television tech, including a rollable OLED panel. 35:33 Sam... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 13: The Amazon Black Mirror
    1:26 Researcher Daniel Carter talks about Crowdtap, Clever and other underpaid jobs that robots can't do.14:52 Lindsey Turrentine from CNET talks about what IoT to expect at CES26:39 Kim Gavin tells us about her new startup - a wearable that lets kids wander.40:26 Spectre and Meltdown are here and its... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 12: Best Interviews of 2017
    Megan Morrone and Jason Howell picked some of their favorite interviews from the year. Becky Worley shares her thoughts on surviving on social media in 2017. Marques Brownlee got to ride in the Tesla Model 3 and shared his experience. Louise Matstakis took a closer look at vending machines in... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 11: The Year of Reckoning
    Jason Howell and Megan Morrone talk to the week's newsmakers and breakers.1:11 Rachel Abrams, business reporter for the New York Times, discovered that Google's knowledge graph showed her as dead, so she went through many steps to get it fixed.19:20 Tom Merritt, host of Cord Killers, talks about the year... Read more »