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  • Everything You Need to Know About US-North Korea Tensions From the Past Week
    (ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  — In America’s latest show of force on the Korean Peninsula, U.S. jets flew further north of the demilitarized zone than they have at any time in this century. The flight followed a week of name-calling from both the U.S. and North Korea during which nothing of any substance — suggestions on how to scale... Lire la suite »
  • Bubble About to Burst?
    (ANTIMEDIA) — Last month, Anti-Media reported that some of the biggest institutions on Wall Street have issued warnings to investors that planet-wide financial markets are nearing a downturn. From an August 22 article by Bloomberg: “HSBC Holdings Plc, Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley see mounting evidence that global markets are in the last stage of their rallies before... Lire la suite »
  • What Everyone Is Forgetting About the NFL’s National Anthem Protests
    (ANTIMEDIA) If you live in the United States, it’s likely you’ve heard about NFL players’ recent Colin Kaepernick-inspired protests during the National Anthem. It’s also likely you’ve engaged in debate surrounding the protests, inflamed over the weekend by President Trump’s remarks calling for players who protest the National Anthem to be fired. Everywhere... Lire la suite »
  • Anthony Weiner Cries as He Is Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Sexting 15-Year-Old
    (ZHE) — As previewed last week in “Prosecutors Demand 2-Year Prison Sentence For Anthony Weiner“, with Weiner having already agreed to serve prison time for sending explicit message to a teenage girl as described in painful detail in “Prosecutors Unveil Full Details Of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia“, today’s sentencing was merely a formality.... Lire la suite »
  • It’s Time to Stop Pretending ‘Free Speech’ Rallies Are Actually About Free Speech
    (TFC Op-ed) — As white supremacists of all sorts rebrand, they still cling to the concept of “free speech rallies”. Do you notice how they don’t invite groups opposed to them to speak? Do you notice all of the speakers are of the alt-right or alt-light variety? Do you notice the blatant racism?... Lire la suite »
  • Trump Expands Travel Ban to Include North Korea and Venezuela
    Addition of North Korea and Venezuela broadens restrictions from original, mostly Muslim-majority list. (MEE) — The United States will prohibit entry of citizens from North Korea to the US as part of a sweeping new travel ban that also slaps restrictions on Iran, Chad, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Somalia, the Trump... Lire la suite »
  • Monitors: US Airstrikes Have Killed 2,617 Civilians in Syria
    (ANTIWAR.COM) — While the official Pentagon reports on civilian deaths claim far fewer deaths, NGOs have been consistently documenting a massive number of civilian bystanders killed in America’s air war in Iraq and Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the total at 2,617 civilians killed in US-led strikes just in... Lire la suite »
  • 10 Clarifying #TakeaKnee Tweets as NFL Teams and Players Rebuff President Trump
    If protests did nothing, the powerful wouldn’t try so hard to silence them. (COMMONDREAMS) — With #TakeaKnee going viral on Sunday as NFL players push back against threats by President Donald Trump, those who support the president’s position that professional athletes—and especially black or brown professional athletes—should just do as they are told and not... Lire la suite »
  • Trump Threatens Genocide Against North Korea
    As President Trump taunts North Korea’s leader with schoolyard insults, the terrifying possibility is that his threat to “totally destroy” a country of 25 million people could involve the U.S. in another genocide, warns David Marks. (CN) The level of insult and hostile name-calling between world leaders was taken to... Lire la suite »
  • Video“Thousands Could Die”: Puerto Rico Scrambles to Evacuate 70,000 as Dam Fails
    (ZHE) — Days after Hurricane Maria passed over the island and made its way west toward the Dominican Republican, Puerto Rico is still struggling with the initial response to the storm – rescuing people stranded in remote villages, and moving thousands into government shelters. Meanwhile the island’s first responders are... Lire la suite »
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