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    Simply Recipes

  • Cheesy Bruschetta Chicken Cutlets
    This is a fast-as-it-gets weeknight dinner, perfect for those midweek nights when you’re ready to cave and order a pizza instead of cooking. Put the phone down, open the pantry, and you’ll have these cheesy bruschetta-topped chicken cutlets ready in about fifteen minutes! Continue reading "Cheesy Bruschetta Chicken Cutlets" »... Lire la suite »
  • Salmon Avocado Poke Bowl
    The first time I ever ate raw fish was when I was about ten or eleven years old. I was at a Japanese buffet, and my mother told me to eat only the expensive foods so we would get our money’s worth, which meant seafood and sashimi. Of course, I didn’t... Lire la suite »
  • Ham and Egg Bakes
    Drop an egg into a skillet with butter and you get, well, a fried egg. But slip that same egg into a buttered ramekin and let it cook gently in the oven, and you get something entirely different: a soft, spoonable custard that’s so much fun to eat. Add some... Lire la suite »
  • Rhubarb Fool
    There’s no fool like a rhubarb fool, and now is the time for it. The arrival of rhubarb in the market always cheers me. Spring is here! This British dessert goes way back — we’re talking about a few hundred years — and it was originally made with custard and... Lire la suite »
  • Creamy Asparagus Soup
    When spring arrives and asparagus are in season, they are hard to resist, right? Those green soldiers salute us as we enter the produce section of the market, challenging us to make good use of them while we can! Here is a fresh and easy asparagus soup that makes delicious use of our seasonal... Lire la suite »
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